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Using Information from Social Media to Improve the Operation of TMS

The availability and potential use of crowdsourced data generated from travelers or data collected and made available from non-public sources offers opportunities for public agencies to use this information to improve the management and operation of TMSs. Some agencies share general travel condition and service information with the public. Where TMSs may use different forms of social media to make this information available via a website, applications, or direct data feeds.

Agencies face challenges with sharing data with other sources external or making it available on a website. Challenges also exist with (e.g., proprietary data, restrictions on using the data to generate and then share information, cannot combine with other data sources) which agencies may need to take into consideration as they assess the value, potential, and how data can be shared via different forms of social media. This project will capture agency practices and issues to consider when integrating data generated from different types of social media sources into the management and operation of a TMS.


  • Technical Report: Spring 2024
  • Fact Sheet: Summer 2024
  • Presentation: Fall 2024

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Jon Obenberger
(202) 493-3265