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The goal of the Transportation Management Center (TMC) Pooled-Fund Study (PFS) (SPR-2(207)) is to assemble regional, state, and local transportation management agencies and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to (1) identify human-centered and operational issues that are common among TMC operators and managers; (2) suggest approaches to addressing identified issues; (3) initiate and monitor projects intended to address identified issues; (4) provide guidance and recommendations and disseminate results; (5) provide leadership and coordinate with others with TMC interests; and (6) promote and facilitate technology transfer related to TMC issues nationally. Projects may involve conducting research projects, operational tests, preparing technical guidance and recommended practices, developing software and training, or pursuing technology transfer initiatives. Members meet quarterly via teleconference or webconference. Members also meet in-person annually to select new initiatives and projects to pursue.

Select the following links to access information on various activities:

  • Fact Sheet – High-level summary of what the TMC PFS is, who can join, recent activity, and upcoming priorities.
  • Charter - Goal, scope, processes to initiate and manage projects, and administration of TMC PFS activities.
  • Current Projects - Information on current TMC PFS projects.
  • Membership - Membership information on how to join, annual reports, and commitment form.
  • Contact Us - Have a question or need additional information?