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TMC Human Factors Design Guidelines: Requirements Analysis

Preliminary Human Factors Guidelines for TMCs were developed in 1999 to incorporate human factors principles to the design and operation of TMCs. These guidelines are intended to form a basis for further examination of future operator requirements and thus continue to support effective user-system design. However, these guidelines are dated and do not meet current user needs. This project performed a requirements analysis to identify and prioritize needs for human factors guidance in TMCs.

This project identified methods used to collect and analyze relevant information, including:

  • Literature review.
  • Information obtained directly from TMC pooled fund members.
  • Identification of guideline topics.
  • Development of sample guidelines.

The key results from this effort, including:

  • An overall approach for developing a comprehensive guidelines document.
  • A recommendation regarding the development of a web-based version of the guidelines.
  • A recommended outreach plan to inform city, county, and state DOTs about this work.
  • An outline of proposed Guideline topics/table of contents.
  • Three sample guidelines.

Available Product

  • Project Report

Contact Information

To request final documents or materials related to this project, provide feedback and comments, report errors in the final report, or web site questions, contact:

Jimmy Chu