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Freeway Service Patrols Prioritization and Best Practices

This project is to identify how and why an agency to establish a SSP (safety services patrols) as well as the type of SSP. The report will identify factors, requirements and justifications such as: should the patrol areas range from just one to three miles on a given highway or span several miles on a number of different road within a defined geographic areas; should service capability from a few vans or a fleet of hundreds of vehicles including 10 ton tow trucks; should the hours of service only in rush-hours or a 24 hours, 7 days a week; should the service patrols be implemented only in strategy areas or on all major highways. Also, with the popularity of cell phones, almost nine in ten (89%) of adults have a wireless or cell phone, the motorists will report the incidents or request services. Does the freeway service patrol program have the same benefits as in the 2000's? Will the Connected Vehicle, particularly Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), technology have any impact on the program, or should the decision makers consider this when they implement the program?

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