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Recovery and Mitigation for Transportation Management Centers

The need for protecting critical infrastructure is crucial in dealing with a range of mishaps or disasters. Transportation agencies are addressing the need for threat and vulnerability assessments, redundancy in networks and control facilities, and personnel policies and practices. There is also a re-examining of how existing emergency management plans will play out during an emergency, such as an attack on homeland security. Literature and information on issues related to planning, design, management and operations of TMC redundancy and recovery have been limited. There is a need for detailed information and guidance on what redundancy and recovery are, why they may be important, how they can be used, how they should be developed and operated, issues to consider; and resources required. The objective of this project is to scan and synthesize current practices and state of the practices as related to redundancy and recovery of TMCs. This project also highlights technical issues to consider, lessons learned, and recommended practices on the concepts, methods, and procedures for planning, design, develop and implement recovery plans and redundancy of TMCs.

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Jimmy Chu

Available Products

  • Recovery and Mitigation for Transportation Management Centers - A Technical Document
  • Project Fact Sheet
  • Project Presentation