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Driver Use of Real-Time En-Route Travel Time Information

The major objectives of this study were to:

  • Assess impacts of en-route real-time travel time/delay/speed information on drivers
  • Define the most effective way to provide en-route real-time travel time information
  • Develop preliminary guidance to practitioners for delivering en-route travel time information

The focus was on en route travel time (or speed, delay) information presented by means of changeable message sign (CMS) displays. The study considered what information should be disseminated, where the information should be disseminated, how that information should be formatted, and operational characteristics of the information delivery methods and systems. The empirical research focused on driver decision outcomes as related to real-time information. Field implementations and network performance simulations were not within the scope of this project.

Contact Information

To request final documents or materials related to this project, provide feedback and comments, report errors in the final report, or web site questions, contact:

Jon Obenberger
(202) 493-3265

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