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New Projects

If there is an idea or a concept for a potential project that the Transportation Management Center (TMC) Pooled-Fund Study (PFS) should consider pursuing, you are encouraged to fill in and submit this idea on the Project Proposal Form. New ideas that are submitted will be posted along with the other project proposals that were not selected the previous year. Although only TMC PFS members develop and select future projects, the list of new project ideas serves as a valuable starting point for this process.

Six topical areas have been identified to provide a structure to organize and reference project ideas:

  • Improving Day-to-Day Operations of TMCs
  • Enhancing Business Management of TMCs
  • Developing TMCs and Managing Their Evolution
  • Developing and Delivering Roadway and Travel Condition Information
  • Developing, Training, Hiring, and Contracting for TMC Staff and Services
  • Knowledge and Information Sharing

Submit a New Project Idea

To submit a new project idea, please contact Jimmy Chu for a Project Proposal Form.

Jimmy Chu