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Coordinated Freeway and Arterial Operational Plans and Procedures

Managing and operating freeways and adjacent arterials in a proactive and comprehensive manner, from a system user's perspective, is a major step toward operating all modes of the transportation system at maximum efficiency. The focus of this project is on operating freeways and adjacent arterials together in a coordinated manner that treats these roadways not as separate entities, but as an interconnected traffic operations corridor.

The purpose of the Coordinated Freeway and Arterial Operations Handbook is to provide direction, guidance, and recommendations for transportation managers, engineers, and planners on how to proactively and comprehensively coordinate freeway and arterial street operations.

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To request final documents or materials related to this project, provide feedback and comments, report errors in the final report, or web site questions, contact:

Jon Obenberger
(202) 493-3265

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