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Welcome to the Transportation Management Center (TMC) Pooled-Fund Study (PFS) web page! You will find a wealth of information about the TMC PFS and its many activities. This site is the primary source to provide access to information on the most recent activities of the TMC PFS. The TMC PFS is intended to identify and address the key issues and challenges that are common among TMCs. Any agency or authority responsible for managing travel on portions of the surface transportation system is eligible to join and participate in the PFS.

What's New

Effects on Intelligent Transportation Systems Planning and Deployment in a Connected Vehicle Environment

Effects on Intelligent Transportation Systems Planning and Deployment in a Connected Vehicle Environment – The report provides a roadmap and guidance to assist transportation agencies with better preparation for the potential impacts, operational and maintenance activities, resources and system needs and better decision-making for replacement of current intelligent transportation systems (ITS) assets as well as investments on future ITS assets in a connected vehicle environment.

TMC Pooled Fund Study Annual Meeting

The TMC Pooled Fund Study held its annual meeting in Tampa, FL on April 11-12, 2018. It was hosted by FL DOT. The purpose of this meeting was to update members on progress made in 2018 and to finalize and select the projects that would be initiated by TMC Pooled Fund Study in FY 2019. The members selected the following top four projects that were considered priorities to pursue in FY 2019.

  • Use of Performance Dashboards for Communicating the Benefits of Traffic Operations
  • Performance Measures and Health Index of ITS Assets
  • Information and Analysis of TMC Staff and Staffing Contracts

Freeway Service Patrol Prioritization and Best Practice

Freeway Service Patrol Prioritization and Best Practice – The report provides guidance and recommended practices for establishing and prioritizing freeway service patrol programs. It identifies methods, models, innovative techniques, and procedures on how and why to set up a freeway service patrol programs. It also provides guidelines to transportation agency decision makers and managers coordinated and systematic approaches to implement a program.

Travel Time Displays at Freeway Entrance Approaches

Travel Time Displays at Freeway Entrance Approaches – The report explores the optimal ways to provide travel time information at freeway entrance approaches to drivers and to evaluate the influence of travel time information on their route choices and diversion behaviors. The studies presented in this report provide both laboratory and field insights into message format and location, as well as resulting behaviors by commuters.

Synthesis of Variable Speed Limit Signs

Synthesis of Variable Speed Limit Signs – Variable speed limit (VSL) systems utilize information on traffic speed, occupancy, and volume detection, weather, and road surface conditions to determine the appropriate speeds at which drivers should be traveling, given current roadway and traffic conditions. Based on a comprehensive literature review along with agency interviews to gather information on existing, deactivated and planned VSL systems, this synthesis provides a comprehensive review of current practices on VSL operations, particularly experiences from deployments in the U.S., and to identify successful and best practices from the following perspectives: planning and policy, design, deployment, and standards, operations and maintenance, and outcomes.

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