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Potential Future Projects

Options for Traffic Management Systems (TMSs) to Receive and Share Data from Multiple Sources

Data from other management systems (e.g., traffic signals, road weather information systems), traffic management systems, and third-party providers provide the potential to enhance the operation of TMSs. The volume, variety (including unstructured data), veracity, and frequency of these data elements may involve changes in how a TMS is designed to collect, compile, use, and share information with these sources. The opportunity to electronically collect and share information from these emerging sources will involve agencies considering what additional software, computing, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and data base changes may be necessary to enable the use or sharing of new sources of data. In addition to assessing potential changes to the TMS to the use of new data sources, agencies also need to consider data ownership or sharing agreements, security (e.g., personally identifiable information), data quality and standards, interface requirements to share data electronically with different sources, and ability of TMSs to integrate data into data subsystem and software applications. This project will synthesize agency practices to support agencies considering, planning or pursuing efforts to develop interfaces of APIs with their TMS to enable the sharing, compilation, archiving, and use of data with other sources.

Contact Information

Jon Obenberger
(202) 493-3265