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TMC Pooled-Fund Study

Welcome to the Transportation Management Center (TMC) Pooled-Fund Study (PFS) web page! You will find a wealth of information about the TMC PFS and its many activities. This site is the primary source to provide access to information on the most recent activities of the TMC PFS. The TMC PFS is intended to identify and address the key issues and challenges that are common among TMCs. Any agency or authority responsible for managing travel on portions of the surface transportation system is eligible to join and participate in the PFS.

What's New

Next Generation Traveler information System-A Five Year Outlook

Next Generation Traveler information System-A Five Year Outlook - State and local transportation agencies provide traveler information to their communities using increasingly sophisticated traveler information systems. These systems are evolving quickly. The next generation traveler information systems (NGTIS) emerging in the five-year timeframe need to consider an updated variety of data and delivery mechanisms to provide travelers with improved functionality and generate desired transportation outcomes. The role of the public sector systems must also be continuously evaluated in the context of private sector activities in offering traveler information as well.

Best Practices for Road Condition Reporting Systems

This Best Practices for Road Condition Reporting Systems report compiles information received through a survey and interviews with transportation agencies throughout North America to understand the uses of Road Condition Reporting Systems (RCRSs) and to identify industry practices that have delivered benefits to the agencies operating RCRSs. A total of 49 Current RCRS Industry Practices, 7 Best Practices, and 3 Emerging Best Practices are described in this report.

Effectiveness of Safety and Public Service Announcement Messages on Dynamic Message Signs

The Effectiveness of Safety and Public Service Announcement Messages on Dynamic Message Signs report assesses the usefulness and effectiveness of safety and public service announcement (PSA) messages through surveys conducted in four urban areas in the United States: Chicago, Illinois; Houston, Texas; Orlando, Florida; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The surveys were designed to specifically address the types of safety and PSA messages for each respective city. A total of 2,088 survey responses were received and analyzed. The report further captures findings and recommendations based on the analysis of the survey responses.

TMC Pooled Fund Study Annual Meeting

TMC Pooled Fund Study held its annual meeting in Detroit, Michigan on May 17 and 18, 2016. It was hosted by Michigan DOT. The purpose of this meeting was to update members on progress made in 2016 and to finalize and select the projects that would be initiated by TMC Pooled Fund Study in FY 2017. The members selected the following top four projects that were considered priorities to pursue in FY 2017.

  • Capability and Usage Guidelines for Color Dynamic Message Signs
  • Roadmap to Address MAP-21 Performance Measures on Highway Operations
  • Consideration of Current and Emerging TMC Data
  • Information and Analysis of TMC Staff and Staffing Contract

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